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A playful action comedy film about an unlikely duo on the run who can’t seem to stop getting themselves into trouble. In time, they may just grow to love living life on the edge and actually become the fugitives they jokingly compare themselves to - the iconic Thelma and Louise.

Perpetually broke, friends and roommates, Gemma and Jules, just want to be able to make their rent payment, and, in Jules’ case, save enough money in her “Getaway Jar” to maybe one day escape the dull, backwater town they live in. When Gemma receives a hard won promotion to cash office manager at the local grocery store, the pair celebrate the win as Jules closes up shop at the local pub where she works.While tossing out the trash for the night, Gemma and Jules accidentally stumble upon a fight in the alley and witness the murder of Ben Rawlings, an undercover cop.

As everything unravels, the girls are separated and placed in witness protection in order to secure their safety until they testify against Johnny and his boss. Jules goes through the motions of life — new job, bigger city — but life sucks without Gemma. When a mysterious package shows up at her door, she unpacks it to find a gift from Mac. It’s a new “Getaway Jar” and after some digging, Jules realizes it’s a clue to Gemma’s new location. Never one to play by the rules, Jules goes to visit Gemma. After everything, the two are finally reunited, and they drive off into the sunset with the “Getaway Jar” to start their next adventure.


Action, Comedy, Female-led


Arabella Burfitt-Dons


Djonny Chen


Andrew Kirkpatrick


Elizabeth Hrib

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