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In this compelling tale of retribution and redemption, we delve into the disturbing world of Davis, an unrelenting criminal with a dark penchant for thievery and murder. The story unfolds as we closely follow his grim routine of debauchery, drug use, theft, and murder. Davis exhibits an alarming lack of discrimination in his choice of victims, showing no distinction between the innocent and the guilty, young and old. His ruthlessness knows no bounds.

As the law closes in on him, Davis's escape takes a chilling turn when he abducts Sara, a young girl from Indonesia. Trapped, bruised, tied and confined in the sweltering trunk of his car, Sara's life hangs by a thread as Davis indulges in a week-long spree of hedonism fueled by alcohol, drugs and prostitutes.


Davis’s is eventual apprehended, yet tragically, it comes too late for Sara. Davis finds himself ensnared within the walls of a life sentence. However, the story takes an eerie twist as Sara's
ethereal presence begins to manifest before him. Through a series of haunting encounters, she subjects Davis to a harrowing reckoning for his crimes. Struggling against his sanity, Davis becomes a victim of psychological and physical torment, questioning the boundaries of reality and grappling with a desire to escape into death's embrace. His descent into madness leads him to the precipice of damnation. As Davis’ mental and physical health deteriorates, Sarah’s battered and bruised soul starts to heal eventually turning into a beautiful Angel before her ascension to heaven.


Supernatural Horror,

Psychological Crime Thriller


Stephen Roach


Djonny Chen

Dennis Boon


Stephen Roach


Joseph Haynes

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