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No One, 34, has been living under the ‘protection’ of gangmasters since she killed her abusive husband 5 years previously. To escape prison – and the wrath of her dead husband’s family – she gave up her daughter into the ‘protective’ custody of the gang, and began work as a ‘no one’ – assuming the identity of others for criminal or fraudulent purposes. In return, her masters keep her safe. But she is just a slave, living a half-life. But No One has secretly employed a detective – David, 52 – to find her daughter. When he tells her he’s found her girl, she scams money from her ‘jobs’ to pay David and escape. Her bosses find out about her stealing and brutalise her. David tells the distraught No One he hasn’t found her daughter after all, but will continue looking.


She’s warned that any more scamming or mistakes will end in her and her daughter’s deaths. For her next job she goes to a Thames-side mansion to ‘play’ a woman, ‘Anne’, the trophy wife of a reputedly dangerous man. That night, a burglar breaks into the house and attacks her. A fight ensues and No One kills him. Panicked, and fearing retribution for another ‘mistake’ on a job, she gets David to help hide the body in the garden. But David is so unsettled that he runs off taking her last chance of finding her daughter.


Crime, Thriller,

Action, Female Led


Arabella Burfitt-Dons


Djonny Chen


Andrew Kirkpatrick


T R Guest

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