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Koan, in his early forties, is former Special Forces operator. He's reowned as an unusual man. Solitary and disciplined. He has spent his entire career conducting hig-risk special operations. Now, he's instructor for Elite Forces around the world.

As an elite soldier, like many of his peers, he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. Civilian life doesn't suit him. In this "normal world, there's no honour, no word, no respect. He evolves in a gray zone, like a ghost.

His best friend and brother-in-arms, Michael Reed, has commited suicide. In his posthumous message, Michael implores Koan to resist, not to sink and give up as he did.

He struggles every day to keep in touch with reality, and to avoid committing suicide like his friend. When Kim (Michael's ex-wife) calls him for help, it forces Koan to take up arms again to save his brother-in-arms' daughter, Anna.

His struggle will lead him to redemption and an understanding of who he really is. Determined to survive no matter what, driven by his code of honour, Koan is a knight who has come to the wrong era.


Action, Thriller


Jean-Marc Mineo


Djonny Chen

Francois Enginger

Executive Producer:

Michael Cowan


Jean-Marc Mineo

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