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A depressed man takes an unmanned Ambulance and decides to save people in his town with a down and out tramp. An Oscar nominated actress who is no longer relevant decides to stage a bank robbery of which she’ll save the day in order to regain her fame. A hijabi Muslim woman takes the place of her lawman husband who has been challenged to a duel at noon by a local criminal. KINGDOM PAPER is Pulp Fiction meets Parasite.

Influenced by classic films like It’s a Pulp Fiction, Parasite, Sunset Bouvelard. It has the pacing and look about it that screams ‘classic’. Using themes of choices, social decline and love..

Set in the US (in a nondescript town) the film will richly show different cultures, ages and genders - it boasts an extremely well rounded and bold female leads. Social commentary through dark comedy, the dramatic aspects of the film are strong and poignant.

The piece is ‘current’ as it deals with subjects such as social congregations, modern day fame and the current religious belief  structure.


Action, Thriller


Marcus Flemmings


Djonny Chen


Marcus Flemmings

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