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We open on the social media profile photo of Dora Cooper a happy-gp-lucky, but downtrodden, 25 year old who dream of being successful vlogger.

She is an everywoman: size 14, likes watching cat videos and has an overwhelming dread that she's simply "not good enough", a fear stoked by still living at home with her narcissistic mother. But then one day, when one of Dora's makeup videos goes viral, her life changes forever.

She starts using face filters and soon gains more and more followers and becomes an successful Influencer living her #bestlife with her own reality TV show, footballer boyfriend and entourage.

But as she gains more power and inlunce she becomees ever more ruthless in her self-obsessed quest for fame and validation. And the more successful she becomes the more grotesque and distorted her social media profile photo becomes.

But where will it end? And will this once meek and shy shop girl stop at nothing to show the world that she is leading the "perfect life" - even if that means killing her mystery troll and others who get in her way?


Drama, Thriller


Nick Wild


Djonny Chen

Lamia Nayeb-St. Hilaire

Nicci Topping

Executive Producers:

Satesh Mathura

Max Reid

Casting Director:

Nicci Topping


Nick Wild

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